Work Experience at Ritherdon & Co Ltd.

Hello, this is Sahil.

Recently, for my school (as work experience) and for my own benefit, I managed to get a work placement in Ritherdon & Co Ltd. This has been a fantastic experience so far! I have been here for 3 days now, and I’m considering a job here when I am older, this is because the people here are so happy and very enthusiastic in what they do. They all seem quite professional in how they act and teach. Everyone knows their field particularly well and I look forward to learning much more in the factory.

Ligia Salazar, Josh Eastham, and Ben Ritherdon have been the most helpful towards me during my time here. Thanks to Ben Ritherdon I was able to have my work experience here, Ligia allowed me to video edit and showed me around their website, she also gave me various tasks that helped me kill time and understand how tedious some work can be; such as creating this blog. Josh showed me the design job. This was to use the CAD Software Radan – this is Ritherdon’s CAD Software as it works very well with Sheet Metal. Josh also showed me around the factory explaining how the NET image they create transfers to each machine giving different and individual instructions allowing it to complete many different processes!

Ben Ritherdon is a caring person who is very kind and respectful to all his staff, I have witnessed Jason – a member of the factory who was so ecstatic that his 4-year-old son had been given a fantastic award in school for his ethos – Jason, happily told Ben about this and Ben was happy for Jason, this sh0wed how connected they are and how they work with happiness and enthusiasm.

Now is my last day here at Ritherdon & Co Ltd., for now, as I’ve finished my work experience date. And although I’ve only been here for 5 days, I already have so many memories. After the box was made using the CAD designs I made,  I went to the paint shop. They showed me that they had to check: the pressure, water levels, and pH levels. This was to maintain their environment and allowed to place to be safe to work in and also keep their paint in amazing quality. After this, I went to finance to meet a team of 2 – but don’t be mislead by the number, the two ladies work so well together and are very efficient, they constantly help each other when they need to be helped. Hannah and Val have shown me the various programmes that they use like Insightly that allow them to know their suppliers and invoices. They know what has happened and what needs to happen, they never let anyone get past them. Hannah doesn’t only work in finance, she is also a Sales Admin Assistant, and she has developed and gained more jobs the while she’s been here. I got on well with Hannah as we had a shared interest in a show, Ritherdon has a lot of staff who all very different get on really well with each other. They know how to make each other happy and care for each other. Just today (Hopefully she doesn’t see this until after Sunday) but the whole team made a sheet metal card for the Sales Admin – Danny – they used an engraver to write their names as a gift for her. They are so kind and understanding of each other and know each other so well and that’s what makes Ritherdon one of the best workplaces I’ve seen and known about.

Thanks to Ritherdon as they have allowed me the opportunity of a lifetime, they showed me a lot of different jobs that require a numerous set of skills and for going with me step-by-step on how to complete the certain tasks.  So I thank, once again, Ritherdon & Co Ltd. for providing me with this experience – and it won’t be forgotten!



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