We’ve Got a New Look!

We've got a new look!

We start this 2021 with a little refresh, a new look for our main website www.ritherdon.co.uk. The site has been live for a bit now, so we hope you like what we have done so far.

We are still introducing a few tweaks, as a website is never complete! A website continually lives and changes together with the business. This refresh is more about the behind-the-scenes tech, keeping the website flexible, and more constant updates. We hope you like the small changes we introduced.

You might be asking yourself, why was it was updated? It worked fine before! Yes, it did work well and did the job, but we wanted to stay two steps ahead!  

We often get good feedback from our website users, saying they find it very informative and useful – thank you very much for those kind words! They are much appreciated. 

In this iteration, we just wanted lighting speed and introduced small improvements so you can find information on our cabinets and pillars even easier. It is just a bit of an upgrade, as we’ve kept the look and feel very much the same. We hope you find it serves you well.

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