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It’s been awhile since we’ve shown you around our shop floor. At Ritherdon, we have the privilege of having the factory and offices on the same premises. We get to see our cabinets and feeders pillars being made and going through the factory all the time! We thought you might be interested in a roundup of the jobs leaving the factory plus a few product insights, sprinkled with a few notes of what’s been happening at Ritherdon.

Modular Cabinets in Custom Colours

The Permanent Supply Cabinets continue to be popular and customers can opt to match the cabinet to the their surroundings. This is a PS300 powder coated in Gull Grey that left the factory in early summer. Quite a stunning colour, really! The PS300 is a permanent supply enclosure that is usually used for three-phase supplies, where the power is around 300kV. This cabinet is part of our Power Supply range. The main feature of this type of cabinet is the two independent bays, each with lockable doors. One compartment is ready for the DNO to install the cut-out, the supplier metering equipment, etc and a second compartment for the customer equipment. As you can see, each compartment is fitted with a wooden backboard and each door comes fitted with padlock shrouds for extra security and protection. The cabinets are open-based for feeding cabling in through the ground.

PS300 Permanent Supply Cabinet in Gentian Blue

Another Permanent Supply Kiosk that left us during summer is this one in blue. The colour is Gentian Blue and it’s powder coated according to customer specifications. As you have come to know, we do our own powder coating in our own paint shop. Trust us, it is always a welcome change for the lads in the paint shop to switch up from our standard colours.   Just like the grey cabinet, this PS300 cabinet also has two independent compartments and it too will be used for a permanent supply connection. All PS300 cabinets and all of our large, modular cabinets, for that matter, are always installed on a separate plinth to ensure a 100% level base. The plinth or base, is installed 300mm deep into the ground, then all cabling and ducting is feeded through and finally back-filled with concrete. The plinth is not shown, as we send it out before the cabinet so it can be installed beforehand. The cabinet can then be lifted onto the plinth or base, and fixed using the inner flanges.

RMC1600 White – Customised with Pitched Roof

Next up in our selection of large enclosures that were supplied this summer, is a custom RMC1600 cabinet. This one features a pitched roof, rather than the standard pent roof used for RMC cabinets. This is another style of modular cabinet, with no internal separation (part of the RMC range – available in three sizes). Modular refers to the style of the design and construction of the cabinet during the manufacturing process. In theory, you could potentially ship it out deconstructed and put it together on-site, if need be. These can be quite laborious and a bit tricky, so from the start, we decided to supply them already assembled to save the customer the extra work.

Custom Metalwork

We made these custom brackets, powder coated in Yellow Green (RAL 6018) painted to match the customer’s branding. These wall mounted enclosures, made from stainless steel, were designed to hold internet routers and keep them protected from the elements. This was the first batch of 300, with another 300 going through the factory. As well as our enclosures products, Ritherdon can manufacture custom enclosures and also carry out general metalwork from customer’s designs. We’re manufacturer’s but also designers and can make your designs a reality. If this is something of interest, please get in touch. Provide as much information as possible on your design and we’ll be happy to help.

Staycation Ritherdon Cabinet Snaps

All of the Ritherdon team are involved with our cabinets and feeder pillars in one way or another. From the initial enquiries, to sales admin, to the design team’s input on different designs, to production team and the essential factory team, seeing the cabinets come alive from sheet metal through to punching, pressing, welding and assembly. The manufacturing process moves quickly and sometimes all we see of the final products are the cabinets packaged and wrapped in assembly! That’s why whenever any of us Ritherdon staff see any of our pillars installed out and about the whole of the UK, we really do get excited! We often grab a few photos and share them with the team. This year’s summer travels and specially this year’s staycations – weren’t an exception! We bring you this custom Parking Payment machine pedestal, which is quite an old job, and probably installed around 2014 if our memory doesn’t fail us. It’s looking quite unfazed by the elements and standing tall in this Torbay car park. This Pay and Display car park pedestal was made by Ritherdon, to customer design. For the final install on this round up, we have this custom cabinet used for fibre broadband connections in the last mile, helping distribute the service to the subscribers.  Made to customer specification. We also have a standard R300 Ritherdon feeder pillar bring in the power supply to the custom cabinet. As enclosure specialists, we can help you design custom cabinets to your specifications. We’re designers and manufacturers and can design and prototype quickly on your projects. Just like these example of custom cabinets. We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick round-up of jobs and installations straight from the factory this summer 2020. Remember you can also keep up with us on our social accounts on Twitter @Ritherdon and LinkedIn @Ritherdon  Let us know what you’d like to see more of!

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