Success at Knowledge Exchange Summer Showcase

Ritherdon is celebrating the success of our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associate Dr Naveed Hussain as he has won first place in the University of Manchester Knowledge Exchange Summer Showcase.
Dr Hussain is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associate and his work has focused on improving the performance of the company’s products, especially focusing on the Orion Retention Socket and the Riser FireSeal.
Quoting our MD Dr Ben Ritherdon, “We’ve always had great designers at Ritherdon but we lacked knowledge in structural engineering and so a lot of our products have been over-engineered.  Naveed’s KTP work means that our product designs are now being optimised (saving cost and weight); we understand our own products better, and our customers have the performance information they need.  All of this is boosting our competitiveness and profitability.”
Knowledge Transfer Partnership
Left to right: Professor Yong Wang, MD Ben Ritherdon, KTP associate Dr Hussain, Commercial Director Brian Derbyshire.


Ritherdon continues to maintain ties with academia and would like to thank Professor Wang and Dr Hussain for the great work produced during this KTP with the University of Manchester.

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