Smoke Test Report for FireSeal Fire Rated Access Panels

The FireSeal Fire Rated Access Panels have been Smoke Tested to BS EN 1634-3:2004 – Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door and shutter assemblies, openable windows and elements of building hardware. Testing was carried out by Exova BM-Trada, High Wycombe.

The Smoke Test

Two units were tested, a smaller unit 800 x 500 x 152 with one lock and a larger unit 1500 x 1000 x 152 with two locks.  They were attached to the test wall that was on the front of the test machine which applied pressure in both directions. The photos show the testing setup.

Smoke Test FireSeal Fire Rated Access Panels


Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting to see photos of dark smoke surrounding the FireSeals. The smoke test doesn’t actually use smoke. The testing is done as per BS EN 1634-3:2004 and there is no use of smoke involved.  Instead, pressure is applied to measure how much air can leak through a FireSeal.

The test measures the amount of smoke that passes through the seal every hour after a certain amount of pressure has built up inside the FireSeal. During the test, there is an allowance of 3 m³ per hour at a pressure of 25Pa. What that means is that 3 m³ of air is allowed to pass through every metre of a seal every hour when a pressure of 25 Pa is applied to it (1 Pa + 1 N/m²).

The FireSeals passed with readings of between 0.09 m³ and 0.2 m³.

Ritherdon FireSeal provides a fire tested and smoke tested solution to cover existing meter boxes that need to provide fire resistance. The FireSeal avoids the need to move or remove the meter boxes altogether and provide adequate protection in the event of a fire. The FireSeal is a tested fire rated steel door and frame unit to cover any aperture up to 1500mm high x 1000mm wide by 152mm deep. Compliant with BS9999 and BS9991 providing 60 minutes fire protection front and rear facing, to prevent fire transmission in a building.

Access the test report under our Technical Information.

Considering the FireSeal made to measure solution?

You can speak to our colleagues who are specialised in the FireSeal and have been involved in various projects with housing associations and their contractors. Please contact Kevin King at 07473106024 or email  for projects in the South of England and Katie Brown on 01254819117 or email for projects in the North of England.

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