Showcase of Customer Installations

We’ve rounded up products photos that our customers have kindly shared with us. What better way to see our products than after they have been installed and in use by our customers?

Single Door RB Cabinet Side by Side in Dark Green

We especially like the before and after photos from this upgrade. The older cabinets were in dire need of repair. The customer ordered the first cabinet and sent through this photo. We can see the state of the older cabinet beside the brand new RB cabinet. Once the first cabinet was replaced and the customer was happy with the results, the second one was ordered. The second photo shows the finished RB Cabinets side by side.

In this particular case, this is a taller RB800, with a height of 1400 and a little less deep than our standard, 380 mm depth. A standard RB800 has a height of 1125mm, with a depth of 380mm and width of 800mm.

Customer Installation RB Cabinet RB800 1400 H 300D  Final Installation of RB Cabinets side by side RB800 Tall 1400H 300D

New cabinets and safe electrical installation on this site. We quite like how the dark green colour looks against the grassy hillside.

Permanent Supply Enclosure – PS300 in Dark Grey

This customer was looking to upgrade the power supply to their head office in Manchester.  They were pointed to Ritherdon enclosures by the local electricity company, ENW. The Permanent Supply Kiosk PS300 was the perfect solution. A  very secure enclosure fitted with padlock shrouds and a strong three-point lock system, with independent bays for the electrical equipment. Working together with the customer, the plinth for this enclosure was sent a week in advance. This allowed the customer to dig the foundation and cast the plinth ready for the cabinet when it was delivered a week after.

PS300 Permanent Supply Kiosk Dark Grey Plinth pre-installed and cast in concrete  PS300 Permanent Supply Kiosk in Dark Grey Finished Installation



Finalised safe installation of a new permanent electrical connection and more space at the customers’ offices!

R5 Fire Rated Standard Semi-Recessed Meter Box – New Build Installation

This new build high rise building has been fitted with new, semi-recessed Fire Rated meter boxes (medium size, FR R5). The crisp white walls look fabulous, certainly a job well done!  If a fire were to break out inside one of the meter boxes, the fire would be contained for a full hour. These halls are now a safe means of escape for the tenants in the event of a fire.

  R5 Fire Rated Medium New Build Install Detail Fire Rated Semi-Recessed Meter Box

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