RMC Cabinets Available in 3 Sizes

We take pride in listening to our customers requirements, so we took a closer look at our RMC cabinets and came up with three different sizes. This allows Ritherdon to provide wider and more spacious cabinets from a standard range, without having to custom-make a cabinet from scratch everytime!

Ritherdon is a designer and manufacturer and we constantly work to improve our offer of stainless steel outdoor enclosures and cabinets.

An RMC Cabinet is a stainless steel floor standing cabinet for outdoor use. It features a double door and a single bay, with a large wooden backboard for mounting electrical equipment. It’s very spaceous and can be used for a variety of applications.

RMC cabinets are typically used for power distribution and new power supplies for industrial properties. The advantage of using a large cabinet like the RMC is that it allows the user to leave empty space in the backboard, for any extra equipment that maybe needed in future or  an equipment upgrade required during the lifetime of the cabinet.

RMC Cabinet Sizes

After taking into consideration customer feedback, we decided on three sizes of RMC cabinets: RMC1250, RMC1600 and RMC2100. Just like other Ritherdon enclosures, feeder pillars and cabinets, we like to classify our enclosures by their width. This means that when we say ‘RMC1250’ we are referring to the width of the cabinet first. All our dimensions are in milimeters.

RMC1250 – 1250mm wide by 2000mm high and 600mm deep.

Backboard RMC1250 – 1152mm wide by 1770mm high.

RMC1600 – 1600mm wide by 2000mm high and 800mm deep.

Backboard RMC1600 – 1502mm wide by 1770mm high.

RMC2100 – 2100mm wide by 2000mm high and 800mm deep.

Backboard RMC2100 – 2002mm high and 1770mm high.

Cabinet Overview

  • Three point locking system
  • Padlock handle and shroud
  • Made from 3 different grades of stainless steel
  • 25 year guarantee

The RMC cabinet has increased security as standard, it is fitted with a three point locking system that consists of a rod along the whole door with three point latches and an L handle that is closed using a padlock (with a 10mm shackle). The L handle is protected with an additional padlock shroud for added security.

Just like other Ritherdon enclosures, the RMC is available from three different grades of stainless steel: 4003 powder coated, 304 and 316 grade of stainless steel. The grade of steel chosen will depend on the cabinet’s location. Read more on the different grades of steel. As you’ve come to expect, we provide a 25 year guarantee on all Ritherdon stainless steel enclosures.

Specific to the RMC Cabinet

  • No HIAB delivery
  • Always comes with a plinth
  • Plinth delivered ahead of cabinet

Even though the RMC cabinet is a quite a large and tall cabinet, there is no need for HIAB delivery or lorry crane delivery. We have designed it so that it can be delivered using a tail-lift delivery. This avoids adding any unnessary delivery costs being passed onto you.

RMC cabinets always come with a plinth. Due to the size of the cabinet, a plinth is used so that the cabinet sit on a a level surface. This avoids the frame to warp, increases the durability and service life of the cabinet, plus the use of a plinth provides a cleaner installation.

The plinth is delivered ahead of the cabinet. This is to allow for the installation of the plinth, which we recommend should be backfilled once all necessary ducting and cables have been pulled through the inside of the plinth. The cabinet can then be installed onto the plinth onsite.

We hope we have answered  a few questions on RMC cabinets. If you still have questions, why not leave a reply below?

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