Ritherdon Retirement Announcement

Today, we’d like to announce the retirement of our colleague Peter Dawson.

Peter joined Ritherdon back in 1969 and he celebrated his 50th work anniversary with us back in June. Peter has been a witness to many of the changes in the company, ranging from the different products we’ve manufactured to new and improved working methods – almost from our stove enamel painting days, to wet spraying and using a furnace for curing overnight, to the renovated powder coating paint shop that we have today.

Peter’s expertise has been honed in the paint shop, powder coating Ritherdon cabinets to perfection. It’s a rare occasion where we can celebrate someone so dedicated to one company. We’ve been lucky to have Peter all these years.

Peter is one of the very few links in a short chain of people who have served Ritherdon from almost the very beginning of the company’s existence. As our chairman, Howard Ritherdon mentioned today, Peter Dawson would be parallel to George Platt who worked together with Roland Ritherdon, Howard’s father in the steady succession of the Ritherdon family business.  Howard was very pleased to have the opportunity to thank Peter and say a warm goodbye on his retirement today.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Peter for his service, loyalty dedication and for being part of the Ritherdon family for half a century!

From all of us at Ritherdon, we wish Peter all the best on his retirement!

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