Ritherdon introduce world’s first passively safe roadside cabinet

Ritherdon is happy to announce the introduction of our newest product – the world’s first passively safe roadside cabinet. The passively safe cabinet was officially crash-tested and certified by TRL in January, to the specifications outlined in European standard BS EN 12767. The product will make its first appearance at Traffex 2013 which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham, from 16th to 18th April. Ritherdon will be exhibiting at Traffex 2013, and the passively safe cabinet will be situated on our stand (J50).

BS EN 12767 defines levels in passive safety terms intended to reduce the severity of injury to occupants of a vehicle in the event of impacting a permanent road equipment structure. To ensure that the passively safe cabinet met the standards outlined in BS EN 12767, two full-scale crash-tests were carried out on the product itself.

During both impact tests, two values were measured to declare the safety level of the vehicle occupants at the time of impact; Acceleration Severity Index (ASI) & Theoretical Head Impact Velocity (THIV). These values determined whether the passively safe cabinet would meet the standard outlined in BS EN 12767.

The first crash test impacted the passively-safe cabinet at 35 km/h to ensure that the product behaved as expected at a lower speed. The second test impacted the product at a much higher speed of 100 km/h (62mph).

In both cases, the passive cabinet detached from its ground fixings when impacted as expected. Full electrical and data cable disconnection was also achieved upon impact.

Although the impact vehicle was damaged following the impact test with the roadside cabinet, the vehicle remained upright with no significant deviation from its original approach path. The steering mechanism of the vehicle remained fully functional and there was no damage to the windscreen. More importantly, there was no damage to, or penetration of, the vehicle passenger compartment.

As a result, Ritherdon’s passively safe roadside cabinet met the standards outlined in BS EN 12767. The full test report of both impact tests will soon be available for viewing via the Technical Information page.

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