Riser FireSeal Updated Instructions

The Riser FireSeal covers risers with a vertical barrier to stop fire potentially being able to spread between floors through the building shaft. We’ve recently updated both the measuring and fitting instructions for our Riser FireSeal. We thought you’d find it useful, you’ll find these under our Technical Information tab.

Designed and tested to provide at least 60 min fire resistance (EN1364 and EN1366 tests) to riser openings and maintain compartments between floors in buildings.

Risers are vertical shafts that run through a high rise building and are typically used for running pipes to deliver electric, a fluid or a gas through the different floors. Typically, risers are for firefighting purposes as a quick way to access water in case of a fire. They can either be dry risers, which means that pipes are normally kept dry and are used by the fire service, who will use the pipework to access water on the upper floors of a building. Wet risers, as their name implies are kept filled with water at all times.  Service risers deliver a service, either electrical or deliver gas to each floor in a tower block. When there is a need to access the services, fire barriers may be breached, hence why we developed the Riser FireSeal. It allows access to the riser for maintenance purposes and provides 60-minute fire protection.

Is this perhaps the solution you require? Please let us know – we’ll be happy to advise on the appropriate passive fire solution.

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