How to repair a meter box?

You can repair a meter box without disconnecting the utilities.

It’s very easy to repair a meter box with the Ritherdon Meter box repair unit. The door and frame units cover the existing meter box with durable powder-coated steel. The Ritherdon units have three ways of fixing onto the existing meter box:

  • Front-fixing units
  • Internal-fixing units
  • Clip-On units

Front Fixing Units

R10 Meter box repair is a Front-Fixing Door and Frame – Made to Cover Unusual Meter Boxes (Covers most damaged meter boxes)

The R10 units (gas or electric versions available) fix to the wall around the meter box.  They can be used for unusual sizes or if the box is so badly damaged that there is nothing to fix to.  You just have to be sure that there is room around the box to fit an R10 as it is usually a few tens of mm larger than the original meter box (check for window sills, wall corners, other meter boxes etc immediately adjacent).

Internal Fixing Units

This is the fixing principle for the R7, R17, R18, R20, R27, R28

Simply put the unit in position and mark through the side plates or the front where the holes are to go. Remove the unit and drill the holes. Replace the unit, and using the fixings provided fasten the unit in position. Finally, if preferred, seal the box to the wall using a suitable exterior grade seal.

R24 Units for Semi Concealed Gas Meter Boxes

Fitting the R24 units is just as straightforward – simply requiring holes marking and drilling through and fixing into the plastic box.  If just the door is damaged we can supply the R24 stainless steel, replacement door by itself.  This fits onto the existing hinge holes.  If the damage extends to the plastic box, we will send you the R24 frame too, which slides over the semi-concealed gas meter box to strengthen and tidy it up.

If the box is so badly damaged that the gas supply pipe is no longer supported, an optional pipe support plate is included in the fixings pack.  This may require a qualified plumber to disconnect the pipe temporarily.


Clip-On Units

R22 for Surface Mounted Gas Meter Box Repair

To repair a meter box (surface mounted gas) using the R22 gas housing is even easier. Simply hook the top of the unit onto the backplate and click the bottom in place. Holes are provided for screwing the bottom to the backplate if necessary.

If you don’t need to repair a meter box but require a completely new meter box, have a browse at our steel meter boxes.

We hope we have helped you with your repair and you have found a durable alternative to GRP meter boxes in the market.


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