RB Cabinet Accessories 

As standard, RB Cabinets come fitted with a triangular key lock, exterior grade plywood backboard and earth wire. They can be so much more if you need them to be, by choosing the right accessories.

RB Cabinet Internal Accessories

RB cabinets can be fitted with:

  • Shelves, you decide how many shelves are required and their placement.
  • Fixed 19 inch rack units available for RB600 to RB1550 size cabinets.
  • Swing 19 inch rack, available for RB800 to RB1550 size cabinets.
  • Small, lockable access panel, placed on the side of the cabinet.
  • Cooling fan kit, including louvre filters (fitted with consumer unit, unless previously supplied)
  • Heater kit with thermostat (fitted with consumer unit, unless previously supplied)
  • Internal light kit with light switch (fitted with consumer unit, unless previously supplied)
  • Consumer unit 6-way, as standard. We can source larger units as required (RCDs or MCBs upon request)
  • Double Socket, for plugging in equipment inside the cabinet.

Here’s an example of an RB1550 double door cabinet fitted with a swing rack on the left hand side, a heater kit and cooling kit, plus the consumer unit needed to power them and finally a double socket.


RB Cabinet Lock Options

After fitting the accessories, you might want to consider different locking options for securing your equipment:

  • Pin hex camlock
  • Key operated stainless steel camlock
  • Three-point locking with padlocking L handle and shroud
  • Hasp, staple and shroud


Alongside these options, remember that with Ritherdon cabinets you can choose from three different grades of steel available, 4003 powder coated, 304 and 316. Plus, select a paint colour from our four different standard colours at no extra cost.

Black: RAL 9005 Gloss Black
Dark Green: BS4800 14 C40 Gloss Green
Light Grey: BS381C 631 Light Grey Gloss
Dark Grey: BS381C 632 Dark Grey Gloss

We hope you found this review of the available internal accessories and locking options useful. We may be able to source additional components or other lock options upon request, so please feel free to discuss your requirements with us. Next time you order a Ritherdon cabinet, consider making it a little extra!

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