Ritherdon Products

Electrical Enclosures

The range of Ritherdon external enclosures: from the basic feeder pillar designs with lift-off doors, to the RB Cabinet design and innovative enclosures like the world’s first passively safe roadside cabinet.

EV Feeder Pillar - Prewired EV Charging Feeder Pillar - RMC1250 Cabinet with CT Chamber, Cut-out and Ritherdon EV PDU 4 x 22 kW

Pre-wired EV Charging Feeder Pillars

Electrical enclosures for EV charging applications. Enclosures designed to power electrical charging stations, whether for rapid charging or fast charging…

Passively Safe Roadside Cabinet - Ritherdon

Passively Safe Road Products

The Ritherdon passive safety products are either tested to EN 12767 themselves or are particularly suited for use with passively safe products.

NH609 N Cabinet Rear PDU Side

National Highways Approved

Roadside Cabinets and products approved by National Highways for use on England’s Strategic Road Network (motorways and A Roads).

Outdoor Data and Fibre Cabinets

Ritherdon offer our robust stainless steel street cabinets fitted with 19-inch racks, with options for cable management and temperature control.

Power Supply Enclosures

External enclosures such as the Temporary Builders Supply kiosks and also pre-wired CT Chambers for higher load electricity metering applications. Installation and testing of our CT Chambers can be arranged by Ritherdon.

Meter Box Repair - R22 Gas

Meter Box Repair Door and Frames

An example of Ritherdon Clever Metalwork from back in the 1970’s. The door and frame repair units were invented by us for the electricity boards as a fast, simple and robust method of repairing damaged plastic meter boxes (electricity and gas).

FireSeals and Passive Fire Protection

Ritherdon’s passive fire protection products are based around improving fire compartmentalisation in buildings. The units are used in new-builds and for upgrading older buildings as they are designed to be retrofitted and we can make them to order.