RMC Cabinets

The Ritherdon Modular Cabinet is a floor standing enclosure designed and manufactured to modular construction. It is a multipurpose enclosure, with a variety of applications and used in many different industries. To ensure a long service life, the Cabinet is manufactured from 2.0 mm thick stainless steel with a powder coated finish.

Delivery Information: Standard AM Delivery from 9:00am to 12:30pm, unless otherwise requested. A forklift is required to offload from the carrier at the delivery point. RMC1250 & 1600 cabinets and their plinths are delivered on one pallet. Please look inside your RMC Cabinet for the plinth, with the exception of the RMC2100 Cabinet and plinth, which are delivered on two pallets. 
Please check the measurements of this enclosure to ensure sizes are suitable, as returns charges will apply. 

RMC Cabinet Range

 Key Features

  • Smooth polyester powder coated finish.
  • Fitted with 18mm External Grade Plywood Backboard.
  • IP24 rating with ventilation louvres (standard), IP46 rating without ventilation louvres.
  • Always sold with corresponding plinth to ensure a stable installation.
  • Three-point locking system with L handle secured with a padlock and shroud for added security (Packlock not included – 10mm shackle).
  • Strong, spring-loaded bolts to hold the doors in place.
  • The RMC Cabinet has no internal separation, allowing plenty of space for your electrical equipment.
  • 2° roof slope to back of cabinet as standard, peaked roof available if required.
  • Earthing studs fitted to both body and door.
  • Fully sealed door aperture.
  • Ventilated via louvres on the doors by default.
  • Fitted with door stays.
  • A4 document pocket.
  • New depth version of 950mm. 

The RMC Cabinets are a suitable alternative to GRP enclosures or GRP feeder pillars. Made from stainless steel, these are multipurpose enclosures made for the outdoors.

RMC Cabinets are free standing feeder pillars, featuring double doors with no internal separation and plenty of space for electrical equipment. All models are supplied with a three-point locking system with an L handle, secured with a padlock for added security (padlock not supplied). All sizes are supplied with a matching plinth as standard. The cabinet roof is sloped down at 2 degrees away from the door. The RMC Cabinet Range complies with BS EN 62208: 2011 and is CE certified according to the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC (2016).

Delivery Information:

We will send these on a designated AM Delivery between 9:00am & 12:30pm as standard, unless otherwise requested.

Please check the measurements of this enclosure to ensure these sizes are suitable for the project in hand as returns charges will apply.

These enclosures will require a forklift to offload from the carrier at the delivery point.

RMC1250 and 1600 cabinet and their plinths are delivered on one pallet. Please look inside your RMC Cabinet for your plinth.

However, RMC2100 cabinet and plinth, are delivered on two pallets. 

Product Dimensions

(h x w x d, mm)
(h x w, mm)
Working Depth
RMC1250 (600)2000 x 1250 x 6001770 x 1152550220
RMC1250 (950)2000 x 1250 x 9501770 x 1152900280
RMC1600 (800)2000 x 1600 x 8001770 x 1502750330
RMC1600 (950)2000 x 1600 x 9501770 x 1502900390
RMC2100 (800)2000 x 2100 x 8001770 x 2002750380
RMC2100 (950)2000 x 2100 x 9501770 x 2002900440

*Height above ground after installation onto corresponding plinth is 2050mm. Weight does not include Plinth and is for Cabinet only.

Click here to see a table with dimensions of all our cabinet and feeder pillar products.

RMC Documentation:

Accessory Options

  • Consumer Unit
  • Heater & Fan Kits
  • LED Light
  • Electrical Sockets

Modification Options

  • Peaked Roof
  • Access Panels
  • Cable Entry Holes
  • Removal of Louvre Vents (subject to metalwork modification)

Material Options

  • 4003 Grade Stainless Steel: Suitable for inland locations
  • 304* Grade Stainless Steel: Suitable for inland & coastal (<1 mile from coastline)
  • 316* Grade Stainless Steel: Suitable for coastline locations

*Must be powder coated. Natural finish is not available for this product.

Colour Options

  • RAL 9005 Black Gloss
  • BS4800 14C40 Dark Green Gloss
  • BS381C 631 Light Grey Gloss
  • BS381C 632 Dark Grey Gloss

Other colours available on request.

Delivery if in Stock is 48hrs from receipt of order* for finished and painted stock, or within 5 working days, for finished stock that requires powder coating. For Natural Finish from stock, lead time is 4 working days.

For larger quantity orders and for FireSeals, the lead time is 3 working weeks.  

Any prewired feeder pillars and cabinets with electrical items have a lead time of 4 to 8 working weeks.

Current Design time for any new sizes of FireSeals or other products, please add 2 working weeks to stated lead times.

*Any proforma orders received need to be paid before the order is processed and lead times start.

We always work to despatch orders sooner if we can. 


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