R26 Replacement Door and Body

The R26 door and body is designed to repair a surface mounted GRP electricity meter housing. Manufactured from zintec steel, with a protective, white powder-coated finish, the R26 is intended to provide a long service life with the minimum of maintenance.

Whilst the unit is fitted with the traditional left hand hung door and electricity symbol, the complete unit can be rotated 180 degrees to allow for right hand hinging where necessary. The body includes cable knock-outs on both the top and bottom faces to allow for variable incoming cables and through fed cables.

Installation is easily achieved with the minimum of tools. The enclosure body is secured to the GRP unit by drilling through the pre-punched holes and fixing it to two security straps inside the GRP body. After installation access to the electricity meter is gained by using a standard triangular key to operate the slam lock.

Comes complete with all fixing screws, bushes and a plastic key for the slam lock.

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R26 Replacement Door and Body


CodeOverall Dimensions
(Height x Width x Depth)
R26605mm x 415mm x 240mm8.0 kg

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