R18 Slimline Door & Frame

This unit was, until Feb 2010, known as the R17 slimline. Its name has been changed to reflect its applications more closely (closer to the R18 range). This door and frame is available for repairing the larger Slimline GRP meter boxes fitted in certain areas.

The unit is fabricated from commercial grade Stainless Steel and finished with highly protective white powder paint. Provides a very neat solution to the difficulties sometimes associated with this shape of box.

See How to Repair a Meter Box for an instructional video on repairing electricity or gas meter boxes with an internal-fixing door and frame unit.

Comes complete with all fixing screws, bushes and a plastic key for the tri-key cam locks.

Contact us for discounts on quantities ordered over 4 units.

R18 Slimline Door & Frame


NameOverall Dimensions
(Height x Width x Depth)
R18 Slimline835mm x 285mm x 67mm5.5 kg

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