R10G Replacement Gas Door and Frame

The R10G range is designed to repair and upgrade existing GRP gas meter box installations, providing them with stainless steel protection. The door and frame units retrofit and completely cover the GRP box, fixing to the wall behind while allowing convenient access to the meter. The R10G models have the required ventilation louvres and the gas warning symbol punched into the doors. These door and frame units act as a one-size-fits-all solution that fit over the existing GRP box and attach directly to the wall behind through the aid of fixing screws, one in each corner.

Comes complete with all fixing screws, bushes and a plastic key for the slam lock.

Key Features:

  • Covers unusual or very badly damaged meter boxes.
  • Gas warning symbol embossed on the door.
  • Left-hand opening, now with diecast snap-line hinges.
  • All units fitted with slam cams and supplied with a triangular plastic key.
  • Option for a keyed cam lock.
  • Powder coated, 1.2 mm stainless steel.
  • Available in RAL 9010 Satin White.
  • Ventilation Louvres
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Product Dimensions:

SizeProduct Dimensions
(h x w x d, mm)
Fixing Points
(h x w, mm)
Small656 x 451 x 60588 x 3505
Small Extra Deep668 x 451 x 80588 x 3505
Medium700 x 501 x 50638 x 4005
Medium Extra Deep730 x 501 x 100638 x 4006
Large800 x 581 x 50738 x 4807
Large Extra Deep830 x 581 x 100738 x 4808

*Please note that to fix over your meter box, either the height or the width of the fixing points of the R10 must exceed the height or width of your meter box respectively.

R10G Product Documentation:

Delivery on Enclosures from Stock is 48hrs from receipt of order* or within 7 working days if powder coating is required.

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* Receipt of order: payment received and order processed.


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