EV Charging Feeder Pillars - 100kW

Ritherdon EV Feeder Pillar with Ritherdon EV PDU for 100kW EV Charging Stations.

An efficient solution for powering a 100kW electric vehicle charging station with a focus on safety, reliability, and ease of use.

EV Charging Feeder Pillar with 100kW Ritherdon EV PDU

Feeder pillar for EV charging with the Ritherdon EV PDU at its centre, for 100kW power requirements.

The EV PDU is housed in a stainless steel enclosure for increased durability as well as for added recyclability as stainless steel is 100% recyclable. The EV Charging Feeder Pillar with 100 kW Ritherdon EV PDU is suitable for commercial or residential purposes.

The Ritherdon EV Power Distribution Unit (PDU) offers a seamless and efficient solution for powering an 100kW electric vehicle charging station. It focuses on safety, reliability, and ease of use.


  • Selection of EV Charging Feeder Pillars – Proven track record as Cabinets of choice for power distribution for EV charging stations, fully prewired for a one-stop solution.
  • MCCB and SPD circuit protection.
  • Multiple installation options, including Ritherdon CT Chamber and Cut-Out.
  • EV PDU housed in a specially designed stainless steel enclosure, powder coated for added durability.
  • All electrical connections are fully protected with internal shielding panels.
  • Feeder Pillars have Separate Plinth for easy installation, works can be carried ahead of cabinets arriving on site.
  • Available in three grades of stainless steel as standard powder coated 4003, 304 and 316 for inland, coastal and marine locations.

No. of EV Charging Stations:


No of Chargers – Amps Product DescriptionRMC Cabinets with a separate DNO CabinetRMC cabinets with Cut-out in the cabinet
2 x 100kW EV charging stations 400 AmpsEV400A-2×100RMC1250RMC1600
4 x 100kW EV charging stations 800 AmpsEV800A-4×100RMC1600RMC2100
6 x 100kW EV charging stations 1000 AmpsEV1000A-6×100RMC2100N/A
8 x 100kW EV charging stations 1250 AmpsEV1250A-8×100RMC2100N/A


Product Documentation:

Installation Options

Every EV Charging Feeder Pillar can come with either:

  1. Ritherdon EV PDU and space in the Cabinet for the DNO equipment.
  2. Ritherdon EV PDU with fitted Ritherdon CT Chamber and Cut-out.
  3. Ritherdon EV PDU and a separate DNO Cabinet.

Lead time is 4 to 8 working weeks.

*Any proforma orders received need to be paid before the order is processed and lead times start.

We always work to despatch orders sooner if we can.


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