Poletech PolePlug

Reducing hazards at roadside collision sites

The Poletech PolePlug is the safest and easiest-to-maintain cable coupling system for Passive Safe traffic poles and other breakaway equipment. The PolePlug or snatch plug cable is perfect for passively safe poles requiring emergency disconnection of the power supply cables.  Should the signpost, lighting column or Passively Safe Cabinet shear on impact, the pole is not tethered in any way by the supply cables.

The breakaway cable coupler is safe, reliable and waterproof to IP68, with a design life of 20-years.

Benefits of the PolePlug cable coupler system
  • IP68 tested cable coupler or snatch plug cable system.
  • Mitigates many of the risks associated with vehicle-roadside equipment collisions.
  • Reduces the possibility of electrocution to accident victims, rescue personnel and pedestrians.
  • Eliminates damaged splices in adjoining poles.
  • Avoids delayed rescue efforts attributed to exposed wires.
  • Allows other lighting columns on the circuit to continue illumination.
  • Submersible therefore can be pulled through flooded ducting.
  • System maintenance is quick and simple.
Fully submersible cable coupler

As well as being used with break-away passively safe roadside equipment, the PolePlug is often used to make equipment ‘plug-and’play’. The PolePlug’s IP68 performance (tested to 1 m depth) means it can be submerged in water; for example when pulling the cable connection through flooded ducting.


All Poletech PolePlug connectors have undergone rigorous testing and comply with the requirements of BSEN 60309-1, IEC 60309-1 and BSEN 60309-2 IEC 60309-2. PolePlugs are designed to have protection against foreign objects and water and conform to the requirements of IP68 to BSEN 60529. Breakaway PolePlugs or Snatch Plug Cables, are available in 2, 3, 5, 16 pins and all plugs and sockets are 20 Amp rated.

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