Passively Safe Cabinet

We developed the Ritherdon Passively Safe Roadside Cabinet in collaboration with Manchester University’s School of Mechanical, Aeronautical and Civil Engineering (see MACE case study). The industry-leading design of this external enclosure extends the boundaries of passive safety and has been successfully crash-tested to the specifications outlined in European standard EN 12767. National Highways approved PAC/0036/1/2022/05/10.

Ritherdon Passively Safe Cabinet

The Ritherdon Passively Safe Cabinet is a crash-friendly roadside cabinet designed and tested to EN12767. The cabinet doesn’t need to be installed behind crash barriers as it has been designed to shear-off upon impact. Removing the need to use Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS) means a smaller ‘target’ and greater road safety. Place your roadside equipment where it needs to be, rather than behind barriers.

Features and Benefits

  • The breakaway, passive safety, roadside enclosure, crash tested to EN12767.
  • Patent GB2509776.
  • National Highways approved Certificate No. PAC/0036/1/2022/05/10.
  • Occupant Safety Level of 100NE3 in accordance with EN12767:2007.
  • Later reclassified to a performance class of 100-NE-B-R-SE-SD-0 in accordance with the superseding standard EN12767:2019.
  • Option for electrical isolation with the PolePlug breakaway cable coupler.
  • No need for crash barriers around the cabinet. Save the cost of installing crash barriers.



The EN12767 crash test required two full-scale collisions to be carried out, with a car hitting the product to measure the amount of energy it absorbed and classify it accordingly. In the first test, a 900 kg car was driven into our passively safe cabinet at 35 km/h (22 mph) to ensure the product behaved as expected. The process was repeated in a second impact test with an identical car at a much higher speed of 100 km/h (62mph).

The impact tests were conducted on a version of the Ritherdon RB800 enclosure that had been adapted for passive safety, the PSC800.  The crash tests were carried out by TRL at their passive safety test facility in Berkshire in early January 2013. For more information on the crash tests, please see the reports in the Product Data tab.

Product Dimensions

EnclosureHeight Above Ground (mm)External Dimensions

H x W x D (mm)

Working Depth (mm)Cable Opening

W x D (mm)


H x W x D (mm)

Weight (kg)
RB600PSC12151115 x 600 x 379239500 x 280920 x 550 x 1247
RB800PSC12151115 x 800 x 379308700 x 280920 x 750 1265

Product Documentation

Installation Video

Electrical Isolation System (EIS)

The EIS is an optional device that can be mounted to the interface unit below the cabinet. The EIS uses an impact sensor to cut all power to the cabinet in the event of a collision, providing an additional layer of risk reduction to the Passively Safe Cabinet.

PolePlug Breakaway Cable

The PolePlug is a cable coupling system made by Ritherdon designed to break away safely in the event of a collision, safely cutting the power supply to traffic poles without leaving exposed wires. These can be used for the power supply to the Passively Safe Cabinet, allowing the cables to safely break away along with the cabinet, further mitigating the risks associated with a collision.

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