National Highways Type 600 Cabinet

The National Highways Type 600 Cabinet is designed to house and protect motorway communication and roadside equipment.

Manufactured and designed by Ritherdon according to National Highways requirements made from stainless steel with a 25-year guarantee.

The NH600 Cabinet is designed according to National Highways specification TR1153 Issue E and in compliance with TR1100, TR2130 and TR2180.

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The National Highways Type 600 Cabinet is equipped with racking, power supply distribution and communications cable termination, designed to provide adequate conditions, including a temperature-controlled environment, to ensure the correct operation of the roadside communications equipment installed inside.

The NH600 features doors on both sides that open at 90 degrees, for easy access. The Type 600 Cabinet comes fitted with a 19-inch rack with 21U total rack mount space for mounting communications equipment. Designed and manufactured by Ritherdon to fulfil the specifications required by National Highways (Highways England). Manufactured in Stainless Steel and under the Ritherdon 25-year guarantee, providing peace of mind for almost all the cabinets’ minimum service life of 30 years.

  • Compliant with National Highways
  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Ritherdon 25-year guarantee
  • Ingress Protection IP56 rating
  • Dual Door – Provides both ‘front’ and ‘rear’ access
  • 21U Rack space
  • Extra lacing for neater layouts and cable terminations
  • Includes 2 removable Lifting points (max lift weight 438kg)
  • Heavy-duty door stays, with a press release (at head height)
Product Acceptance Certificate

National Highways Type 600 Cabinet

Certificate No. PAC 10-1-2020-04-30

Compliance with TR1153 Issue E and the following National Highways specifications:

  • TR1100 General Requirements for Motorway Products
  • TR2130 Environmental Test Methods
  • TR2180 Paint and Finishes

The product is certified for operation in the following roads:

  • Strategic Roads Networks
  • Motorway Trunk Roads Network
  • Non-Motorway Roads Network

Product Dimensions

ModelHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Working Depth (mm)Rack SpaceCable Opening Area (mm2)Weight (kg)


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Product Documentation

The National Highways Cabinet Type 600 is designed to house communications and roadside equipment necessary for the operation of the roads network. The cabinet is used to protect and provide an appropriate environment for the equipment inside.

The NH600 Cabinet is designed according to National Highways specification, TR1153 Issue E and in compliance with TR1100, TR2130 and TR2180.

Lock Options

  • The NH Cabinets are supplied with a three-point locking system operated with a removable ‘T’ key. National Highways enclosures are supplied without keys as standard.  Please contact your Scheme Designer for further information and supply details.

Security Options

  • Door dry-contact switches are suitable for the installation of alarms, to detect any activity, avoid tampering and provide an adequate level of security.

Material Options

  • Made from Stainless Steel, a material chosen for its strength and durability whilst being able to create sleek, lighter cabinets, that are easier to handle and maintain.

Colour Options

  • BS 4800 5252 ‘Flint Grey’ (according to TR2180)

Compatibility with Plinth 610 and Skirt

To ensure compatibility with existing road infrastructure, the NH600 Cabinet can be installed on a standard Plinth Type 610 (MCE 1175) and Skirt (MCX 0035). Mounting holes are provided according to MCX 1092. For more detailed information, see the cabinet drawing and instructions.

Design life and Guarantee

Designed to a minimum service life of 30 years. National Highways requires a guaranteed warranty of 2/3 of its life. Ritherdon provides a 25-year guarantee, which exceeds the requirements and provides peace of mind for almost all the cabinets’ minimum service life of 30 years.


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