Highways & Traffic Management

Feeder Pillars and Roadside Cabinets

  • Flexible range
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Single/double door cabinets
  • Lift off/hinged door pillars
  • Fitted backboards with optional pre-wiring if required (p.o.a.)
  • Various lock options available
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Safer – less vulnerable to vehicle impact
  • Durable enclosures with a 25-year guarantee

Driving around the country, there’s a fair chance you’ll find your way in the dark thanks to Ritherdon’s feeder pillars that supply the street lighting. Used by a range of councils and contractors, our pillars and roadside cabinets are made from stainless steel and built to withstand the effects of daily exposure to all weathers, road salt, dirt and grit.  Equally suitable for CCTV and traffic control equipment.

Over the years we have developed a flexible range of electrical enclosures of different sizes to fit most applications. So you’re sure to find a cabinet or pillar from the Ritherdon range to fit your project.

Street Lighting Pillars and Roadside Cabinets

Ritherdon has a standard range with 12 different sizes which is divided into different styles: R pillars, RH pillars and RB cabinets. All of them are suitable roadside cabinets made from stainless steel and polyester powder coating included in the price.

R Pillars – Integral root pillars with a fully detachable door

R pillars are root mounted pillars with a detachable door for easy access during and after installation. A popular size for street lighting is the R150 pillar which fits a street lighting cut-out to power a street lamp with dimensions of 1060 high x 150 wide x 150 depth. The larger R300 can house a DNO cut-out and metering equipment and is also a popular option for street lighting and for traffic signal junctions providing power to traffic controller cabinets. The feeder pillars provide a separate enclosure to house the termination equipment independently of the traffic controller cabinet.

RH Pillars – Integral root pillars with hinged door and full perimeter door seal

RH feeder pillars feature a hinged door, which seals flush with two locks and a full perimeter door seal to keep the cabinet water

tight. The RH400 has proved an excellent choice for terminating power supplies for outdoor parking and car park services.

RB Cabinets – Floor standing roadside cabinets with a full perimeter door seal

RB Cabinets come in 6 different sizes and don’t include a root, as we think it’s easier to install the plinth beforehand and then bolt the cabinet down. This especially true if the cabinet is pre-wired and filled with electrical components. Installing the RB plinth, including pulling through all conduits and cabling and backfilling will make for a cleaner and safer installation. The plinth is optional but recommended, however you can also opt to install the cabinet onto a suitable, level, hard surface or a concrete slab.

RB cabinets have an intentionally open base for easily feeding cabling through into the cabinet.

Other products for Street Lighting:
  • Lightboxes which can be wall mounted or installed onto posts.



Passively Safe Road Products

Crash Friendly Roadside Cabinets

Ritherdon designed and developed a passively safe cabinet tested according to BS EN 12767. A unique cabinet in the market, the crash friendly cabinet can be placed on high-speed roads and motorways over 50 mph without the need for crash barriers.

The Passively Safe Cabinet is perfect for remote locations where safety is a concern and where crash barriers would be difficult and costly to install. This is the case for this installation in the A75 Gretna-Stranraer trunk road. Safety signals and vehicle detection equipment needed to be housed safely on this high-speed trunk road and the Ritherdon passively safe cabinet met the safety requirements needed to complete the project to increase this road’s safety.


The Passively Safe Cabinet is patented GB2509776 and a National Highways approved product, with Product Acceptance Certificate (PAC) PAC/0036/1/2022/05/10.


Innovative Solutions for Highways

Easy Installation of Poles with the Atlas Retention Socket

Ritherdon design and manufacture the innovative Atlas Retention Sockets for installing and re-installing traffic signal poles quickly, for minimal traffic disruption. The Atlas is an ideal companion for passively safe poles which tend to be of a softer material, as it holds the pole in place uniformly without any damage.

Choose an Atlas non-illuminated socket for signs and other applications where no use of electricity is necessary like the installation featured and where quick removal and replacement of a pole is necessary for the future.

Use Atlas illuminated sockets with duct foot or opt for a swept bend to help with SWA cables that may have a hard time going around bends during installation.


Delivery on Enclosures from Stock is 48hrs from receipt of order* or within 5 working days for finished stock that requires powder coating or adding alternative locks.  As well as 5 working days for Natural finish from stock.

For larger quantity orders and for FireSeals (excluding any design time) the Lead Time is 3 working weeks. 

*Any  orders received need to be paid before the order is processed and lead times start.

We always work to despatch orders sooner if we can. 


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