FireSeal Vented

The FireSeal Vented is made from 1.2mm stainless steel with louvres in the door for ventilation.  The unit can be made up to 1231 mm in height and 730 mm in width. The louvres within the door provide ventilation for items such as gas meters.  All orders are made to measure.

FireSeal Vented


Fire Resistance Testing

The FireSeal Vented was tested at BM Trada on 18th September 2014 in accordance with BS EN 1364-1: 1999 and utilising the principles of BS EN 1366-3: 2009.  The unit is very quick and easy to fit (10-15 minutes).  Made from stainless steel with intumescent seals and high-temperature resistance locks.

It is designed to provide at least 30 minutes fire protection in the event of a significant fire and also prevent the transmission of smoke and harmful fumes.  Access the detailed report under technical information.

  • The FireSeal Vented is very similar to the FireSeal – a fire rated access panel – but featuring a louvre vent which is sealed by an intumescent material when exposed to a fire
  • All units are made to measure and have been rated to provide a minimum 30 minutes fire protection.
Improving Fire Safety

BS 9999: 2008  recommends that a multi-storey building should typically provide between 30 and 60 minutes fire resistance. The FireSeal Vented complies with this providing >30 minutes fire protection and has been installed by Leeds City Council to cover both an electric and gas meter (as pictured) where the firewall has been compromised.




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