Pre-wired EV Charging Enclosures

Ritherdon Pre-Wired EV Enclosures are designed to make installation of charging stations quick and efficient. Our enclosures can support the needs of any project, from single low-powered chargers to multiple higher power rapid chargers.

Housed in our largest enclosures, the RMC range, with a proven track record as a popular enclosure choice for EV Charging.

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Combining our expertise in industrial metering and panel building together with our design and manufacturing knowledge along with industry experience and feedback from the leading charging point operators, Ritherdon have designed a Pre-wired EV Charging Enclosure to accommodate the growing demand for reliable and easy to install EV charging points.


  • Pre-wired Power Distribution Unit (PDU).
  • Includes a Ritherdon CT Chamber.
  • Housed in Ritherdon’s popular stainless RMC enclosures.
  • Future-proof your installation with 3 sizes to choose from.



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