Electric Meter Box R3 Flush Mounted – Zinc coated steel

Fully recessed with the door flush with the wall structure. The preferred answer for installations in corridors in multi-storey buildings, where fire and fume hazards cannot be tolerated and where there is no equivalent GRP meter box available.

Cupboard and door supplied as separate items to allow installation of the cupboard during building work and attachment of the door later to protect its finish.

Method of attachment of door and frame to pre-fixed box allows for some degree of adjustment. Meter board and earthing stud fitted to box as standard. Cable entry holes fitted with blind grommets to allow choice of positioning.

All boxes fitted with slam-cam lock and supplied with easy-to-handle triangular plastic key. Available in ESI Small, Medium and Large sizes.


R3 Dimensions

SizeOverall Dimensions
(Height x Width x Depth)
Wall Opening
(Height x Width x Depth)
Small572 x 405 x 180530 x 360 x 1808
Medium647 x 460 x 180605 x 415 x 18010
Large722 x 545 x 180680 x 500 x 18014

R3 Documentation:

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