COP2 High Voltage Remote Metering Panel

The COP2 high voltage remote metering panel consists of a metal enclosure to house and protects the metering point installation necessary for precise metering and remote interrogation of COP2 meters.

The pre-wired metering panel comes ready for fitting two COP2 meters on the front door of the metering enclosure.

Note: This metering panel is not supplied with CTs (current transformers) or meters. This should be sourced and fitted according to the DNO operating in the area of installation.


  • High voltage
  • Ready for two fitting meters
  • Two Test terminal blocks
  • Made to ENW specification
  • Enclosure made from Mild Steel, powder coated Light Grey, weighs 21kg.

Remote Metering Panels

Remote metering panels (high voltage and low voltage) that comply with Elexon Code of Practice 2, 3 and 5.

  • COP2 HV Remote Metering Panel – For use in high voltage sites drawing from 10MW to 100MW that uses two meters.
  • COP3 HV Remote Metering Panel – For use in high voltage sites drawing up to 10MW with two meters installed.
  • COP5 LV and HV Remote Metering Panel – For use in low voltage and high voltage sites with one meter installed.

Please note that these metering panels are not supplied with CTs (current transformers) or with meters. Please source CTs and appropriate meters according to the DNO and energy supplier operating in the area of installation.

We are manufacturers and not electricians, please seek advice from your DNO and your connection provider.

The connection provider may be your DNO (Distribution Network Operator) or an ICP (Independent Connection Provider). If you require a new connection and are unsure of what you need please contact your DNO or seek advice from a Lloyd’s Registered certified Independent Connection Provider. Regardless of who takes care of your connection, you will need to comply with all requirements to gain access to the energy network which is managed by your DNO.

Product Documentation:

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