Ritherdon Modular Cabinet

  • RMC 1250

    Technical information Cost-effective alternative to GRP enclosure. Flat, 2° degree sloped roof. Detachable lifting lugs. Three-point locking system as standard. Padlock…
  • RMC 1600

    Technical information Typical use:  up to 430 A (309 kVA) equipment for a three phase supply to a building or buildings. …
  • RMC 2100

    Technical information Cost-effective alternative to GRP enclosure. Alternative external dimensions (Height & Depth). Flat, 2° degree sloped roof. Detachable lifting…

The Ritherdon Modular Cabinet is a floor standing enclosure designed and manufactured to modular construction. It is a multipurpose enclosure, with a variety of applications and is being used in many different industries.

Referred to as RMC, this enclosure is designed to cater to your electrical applications. The RMC range of enclosures is manufactured from stainless steel and suitable for external use with the same 25-year guarantee as our other stainless steel enclosures. The RMC range comes in three widths: 1250 mm, 1600 mm, 2100 mm.

We are manufacturers and the RMC has been designed to work around customers’ requirements and not the other way around! Please call us to discuss your requirements further.

Features and Benefits of Ritherdon Modular Enclosures:

  • The cost-effective alternative to a GRP enclosure.
  • No internal separation.
  • Fitted with a whole backboard.
  • Three-point locking system as standard.
  • Padlock shroud.
  • Standard colours at no extra cost.
  • Typical applications include powering EV charging points. 

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