Temporary Builders Supply Kiosk

Power Supply Enclosures

Power supply enclosures are designed to bring an electrical connection to a site. The enclosures house and protect the electrical equipment used to provide power to a site. They can be used for a permanent power supply or for a temporary supply. A suitable alternative to a brick built kiosk or a GRP enclosure.

The power supply enclosures are made out of stainless steel and suitable for external use. They come powder coated in our standard range of colours at no extra cost or can be left natural using a higher grade of steel (marine grade, 304 stainless steel).

The power supply enclosures are designed for electrical connections and have double doors with separate access and individual backboards fitted on each side. This gives independent access to the electricity provider and to the consumer or end user. Doors are fitted with a padlock handle to provide extra security. Made to ENW specifications.


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