EV Charging Feeder Pillars

Ritherdon Pre-Wired EV Feeder Pillars are designed to make installation of EV charging stations quick and efficient. Our EV Feeder Pillars can support the needs of any project, from low-powered chargers to multiple higher power rapid chargers.

Suitable Feeder Pillar and Cabinets from the Ritherdon Range:

Our EV charging enclosures are part of the EV charging infrastructure necessary for installing an EV charging point.

The recommended electrical enclosures from the Ritherdon range are paired with their corresponding EV charging point and their electrical output:

RMC Enclosures

RMC Enclosures – Our largest enclosures are available in various sizes, with different depths and heights to accommodate your electrical equipment within the range.

We have taken onboard all the customer feedback and we recommend large enclosures for powering rapid EV charging points to future proof your EV infrastructure.

RB Cabinet Range

From this range, the most commonly used enclosure size is the single door RB800 and RB1000 Cabinets. Typically used to power fast-charging EV pumps.

This RB1000 Cabinet is powering this Ecotricity Electric Highway pump on Jct18/19 in Heywood, Greater Manchester (OL10 2RB).  This specific charging point has three types of connectors with a maximum output of 50kW (the connectors available are 2 CCs fast charge, 3 DC, CHAdeMO fast charge, and 3 AC, type 2, 43 kW).

RH Pillar Range

From the hinged pillar range – most commonly used sizes of feeder pillars are RH300, RH400, RH500.

RH300 installed at Horwich, Bolton as part of the GMEV network. See the charging point on the network map.

RH500 is a different style charging point also part of the GMEV charging network with higher voltage power output.


TfL has commissioned Ritherdon for EV enclosures to power off-street parking EV charging points at this office parking lot on Chancel Street Railway Arc near TfL Palestra House.

Other Useful Products for EV Charging Installations:

Atlas Retention Sockets – Ideal companions to protect electrical car charging infrastructure.

Atlas Retention Sockets – Ideal companions to protect electrical car charging infrastructure.

To protect EV charging points from potential vehicle impacts, bollards are typically installed in front of the EV charge points. To improve installation of new bollards after a collision, we recommend installing bollards using a clever foundation mechanism.

The Atlas allows for easy replacement of poles after a knockdown without the need having to excavate.

The Atlas Retention Socket provides a secure base for installing the bollards and allows the base to remain accessible in the future.


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