Permanent Supply Kiosks


Technical information
  • Typical use: to house meters, distribution boards and other electrical equipment rated up to around 100 A (60 to 70 kVA, depending on your DNO).  Not intended to house a CT chamber.
  • External dimensions:  1250 x 1266 x 430 (whd) including peaked roof (1125 mm high excluding roof).
  • Two compartments ~620 wide x 1000 high.
  • 3 locks per door with 2 tri-key camlocks and one central hasp and staple with padlock shroud.
  • Detachable lifting lugs.
  • Fabricated in our own factory from 304 grade, 2 mm stainless steel sheet.


Technical information
  • Typical use:  up to 430 A (309 kVA) equipment for a three phase supply to a building or buildings.  This enclosure has enough space to house a CT chamber.
  • Option to supply CT metering, please enquire further.
  • External dimensions: 1600 x 2307 x 800 (whd) including peaked roof (2025 mm high excluding roof).
  • Two compartments ~750 x 2000 high.
  • Multi-point locking system protected by padlock shroud.
  • Detachable lifting brackets.
  • 4003 grade stainless steel sheet – 2 mm thick.
  • Colour can be specified by you (the price may vary for certain colours).

Not the enclosure you are looking for?

For a similar sized enclosure with a single bay and similar dimensions see the RMC1600. It’s a shorter cabinet however it can fit equipment of comparable size to a PS300 as the backboard size is the same (1770 x 1502). There is no need for HIAB delivery to site as this cabinet can be sent through the courier pallet network.The Ritherdon Permanent Supply Kiosks are external enclosures for the electricity supply to a building or buildings.  They meet the specifications for a DNO’s service head and CT chambers where required (they are designed to ENW specification).  It is much faster to install than a brick construction and much more resistant to damage than a plastic enclosure.

  • Two-compartment electrical enclosures for the permanent, electricity supply to a building.
  • The PS60 kiosk is designed to house the supply and metering equipment rated at less than 100 amps.
  • The larger PS300 kiosk is designed for larger power requirements (up to 430 A).
  • The Permanent Supply Kiosks can be supplied in any colour (price may vary for certain colours).
  • Much more cost-effective than constructing a masonry building and much more robust and therefore safer than plastic.

Delivery of a PS300 Permanent Supply Kiosk – Crane lifted (HIAB) to the site. All PS300 and TBS300 enclosures are delivered on HIAB delivery due to their size.

What is a Permanent Supply Kiosk?

A Permanent Supply Kiosk is designed to move the equipment associated with a building’s electricity supply outside the property.  This equipment typically includes the Distribution Network Operator’s (DNO’s) “service head” or cut out and, for larger supplies, their CT chamber.  The Permanent Supply Kiosk has a separate compartment for this and another compartment for the user’s equipment (e.g. the meter(s), the distribution board etc).

The advantages of housing the electricity supply outside a property may be to save space that can be used more profitably.  The supply enclosure can also be installed right on the boundary of the property (curtilage), meaning less installation work for the DNO and therefore less cost for the property owner.


Ritherdon electrical supply kiosk range

Ritherdon have designed and manufacture a range of stainless steel supply enclosures.  They can be installed, ready for the DNO visit, very quickly.

Single phase supply

For a single phase supply to a building, we’d normally recommend the smaller RB600 or RB800 cabinet as the most cost-effective solution.

Three phase supply

Where more power is required a two-compartment cabinet will probably be needed:  one side for the DNO equipment and one for the distribution panel and metering equipment.  A PS60 kiosk would be large enough for a <100 amp supply.  Each compartment has its own door so that they are completely segregated.  The enclosure has (removable) lifting lugs on the outside so that it can be easily and safely delivered and installed on site. The PS300 also has two, separate compartments but is big enough to house the CT Chamber and associated cutout enclosure required for >70 kVA.