CT Metering Panels

Metering panel designed for CT metering

The MOD156 is a pre-wired CT metering panel with test terminal block ready for fitting a meter on the front panel, enclosed in a protective metal enclosure to house the CTs, incoming supply and connection to consumer’s tails.

It is a modular meter panel system made up of three separate sealable units that can be arranged and re-arranged to accommodate different incoming cable approaches  (vertically, left or right-hand side at floor or ceiling level).  Preferably all incoming cable approaches shall be housed inside one cable box.

The modules are wall mounted, so please bear in mind the total height of the arrangement before installation to make the meter as easy to read as possible.

  • Ready for fitting meter
  • Test terminal block
  • Made to ENW specification
  • CT metering panel made to ENW specification
  • Modular system for various incoming cable approaches
  • Enclosure made from mild steel, powder coated light grey

Selecting MOD 156 – Cable Size and Entry Position

Please select the MOD156 according to the cable size and the incoming supply entry position.

Three different cable sizes options: 95mm, 185mm and 300mm diameter cable size.

The cable entry can be either be from the bottom or the top, bearing in mind if the entry will be on the left-hand side or right-hand side. Please select your MOD156 accordingly before placing your order. If you need additional Fuse handles/holders, we can supply a Set of 3 92mm fuse handles/holders separately.

Consists of Three Separate Modules:

MOD 1 – Main incoming power supply comes through this module, fitted with bus bars and 92mm centre fuse holders, with optional fuse handles (we don’t supply the fuses; please order fuse handles/holders separately). Fitted with external main earthing terminal.

MOD 5 – Connector unit, connecting the MOD 1 and MOD 6.

MOD 6 –This module is designed to fit a CT operated meter on the front of the panel. It includes a pre-wired test terminal block. The consumer’s phase tails (three phase and neutral) come in through the top of this panel. Supplied with two wooden rails for placing the CTs. The CTs needed to operate the meter are not provided. We don’t supply CTs for MOD156 units. Please consult with ENW or corresponding DNO and/or get advice from the meter operator.

Clearance Installation Requirements:

Wall mounted unit with a total height  16580mm for a typical MOD156 arrangement. Please take into account the height to make reading the meter as easy as possible after installation.

Allow for 250 minimum headroom for cable entry as consumer tail entry point is at the top of the MOD6 panel.

Please leave a minimum clearance of 300mm on both sides of meter cubicle to allow hinged panel with meter mounted to open.

Allow for a total clearance depth from the wall of approximately 730mm. This will include the depth of the enclosure of 230mm plus a 180mm meter projection when the meter is fitted (depth of the enclosure, plus 300mm clearance to open the door of MOD1 where meter is fitted.

Recommended for Electricity North West Area:

Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Parts of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. Please check with ENW if you are unsure of your area.

Not the Metering Panel you are looking for?

We also have available a CT Chamber housed in a plastic enclosure, available including 200 Amp CTs and 400 Amp CTs. This CT Chamber comes with a test terminal block, DIN rail for mounting the CTs, and insulated individual three phase and neutral, with no need for lugging tools for connecting the consumer tails.

We are manufacturers and not electricians, please seek advice from your DNO and your connection provider.

The connection provider may be your DNO (Distribution Network Operator) or an ICP (Independent Connection Provider). If you require a new connection and are unsure of what you need please contact your DNO or seek advice from a Lloyd’s Registered certified Independent Connection Provider.

Regardless of who takes care of your connection, you will need to comply with all requirements to gain access to the energy network which is managed by your DNO.


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