Nicola Ellis and her Ritherdon Work At Bury Art Museum

The artist Nicola Ellis (, based in Manchester has been working with us at Ritherdon for a couple of years now.  It’s always a joy, every Thursday, when she comes in to work on her latest sculpture and experiment with what she’s planning next.  As a very talented artist, Nicola’s view on what we do here is completely different to how we look at ourselves:  often generous and flattering, always interesting and insightful.  We just tend to look at ourselves as metal box manufacturers; albeit manufacturers high quality metal boxes that we’re very proud of!

Nicola has worked with all of us in the company, from design through all the areas of production and she even helped out in the sales office over summer, when we were short handed.  She has also spent a lot of time in the paint shop, creating pictures from our waste powder on sheet metal.  It makes a change for the guys on the powder coating plant from painting roadside enclosures and meter box repair units (usually all one colour too).

Most recently Nicola has produced a set of pictures, which she has called her “Dead Powder” panels.  These are currently on display at Each Towards the Other exhibition at the Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre.  Nicola Ellis is sharing the billing with Joe Hancock and Hannah Leighton-Boyce and the exhibition will continue until 9th November 2019.  Here’s a review of the exhibition by Derek Horton.

We’d certainly recommend you visiting Each Towards the Other if you’re anywhere near Bury in the next few months.

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