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FireSeal, Fire Rated Access Panel made to measure passive fire protection
Passive Fire Protection

Off the Shelf FireSeal

Ritherdon developed and tested the FireSeal back in 2012.  Since then we’ve supplied quite a few made to measure FireSeals of various sizes. The FireSeal reinstates acceptable fire protection for old meter boxes – and other boxes, such as junction boxes, or apertures that may need to be covered. Here’s an example where an old meter

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Stainless Steel enclosure 1250 wide
Electrical Enclosures

RMC Cabinets Available in 3 Sizes

We take pride in listening to our customers requirements, so we took a closer look at our RMC cabinets and came up with three different sizes. This allows Ritherdon to provide wider and more spacious cabinets from a standard range, without having to custom-make a cabinet from scratch everytime! Ritherdon is a designer and manufacturer

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Company News

Nicola Ellis and her Ritherdon Work At Bury Art Museum

The artist Nicola Ellis (www.nicolaellis.com), based in Manchester has been working with us at Ritherdon for a couple of years now.  It’s always a joy, every Thursday, when she comes in to work on her latest sculpture and experiment with what she’s planning next.  As a very talented artist, Nicola’s view on what we do

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Company News

Ritherdon Retirement Announcement

Today, we’d like to announce the retirement of our colleague Peter Dawson. Peter joined Ritherdon back in 1969 and he celebrated his 50th work anniversary with us back in June. Peter has been a witness to many of the changes in the company, ranging from the different products we’ve manufactured to new and improved working

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Passively Safe cabinet Test
Electrical Enclosures

EN 12767: 2019 Performance Class for the Passively Safe Cabinet

EN 12767: 2007 Impact Test The Passively Safe Cabinet underwent its crash testing back in 2013/14, according to the method described in BS EN12767: 2007.  The cabinet complied with the evaluation criteria in the first, low speed impact test (35 kph).  This produced a THIV (Theoretical Head Impact Velocity) value of 7 kph and ASI

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Engagement Day 2017
Electrical Enclosures

Ritherdon Company Engagement Day 2019

Ritherdon will be out of the office tomorrow for our Company Engagement Day, Friday 10th of May. We are making time as a company to come together and plan for the future. It’s an important day for our company, to reflect on what we’ve achieved these past two years since our first event. The day will

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