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Surface Mounted Meter Box
Meter Box Repairs

Mitras replacing one of their surface-mounted GRP meter boxes

Over the next two years, Mitras are going to replace one of their surface-mounted electricity meter boxes – model M30019. However, Ritherdon will continue to manufacture the alternatives, in the shape of the R6 (zinc plated) and larger R16 (stainless) steel meter boxes.   Ritherdon also supplies a repair unit – the R26 – which slides

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Tire marks on an untouched Ritherdon Service Pillar
Electrical Enclosures

Are our pillars strong enough?

The superior corrosion resistance of our stainless steel products is well established.  Stainless steel is also mechanically more durable than the other materials commonly used for making pillars such as galvanised mild steel, aluminium, etc.  These two advantages mean that we can fabricate our service pillars out of thinner metal, saving on cost and making them lighter to handle.

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