New Factory Investment – New CNC Press Brake

New Factory Investment - New CNC Press Brake

Ritherdon have invested in a new press brake to increase our capacity and flexibility when organising production on the shop floor. The new machine will allow us to bend any of the products we make on all four machines meaning we can easily change production plans when the need arises. This change will lead to lower lead times and increased manufacturing efficiencies.

MD Ben Ritherdon comments on the investment during what has been a very strange year.

‘Contrary to what you’d expect, Ritherdon has been very busy, and we are keen to increase our capacity. We have finished a record-breaking sales year and are pushing ourselves to beat our sales targets this 2021’.

We are saying goodbye to a trusty and reliable Bystronic/Edward Pearson machine and welcoming a new, Bystronic CNC Hydraulic Press Brake. Works Director John Wright and Production Supervisor Nigel Ormerod have chosen the model Xpert Pro 100/3100 Extended in the Dynamic Edition, for its speed and accuracy.

Nigel adds, ‘This machine adds to our flexibility, you see at Ritherdon, we encourage multi-skilling and the lads’ train to move around the different works stations’.

We placed our order and eagerly awaited the arrival of the new press brake. On the arrival day, we had to make space and remove the old machine first. Jason, the new machines press brake operator bid adieu to his old friend first! It was quite a tight squeeze, but we managed. We didn’t realise how close the bend would be, as its quite a tall machine. Here’s a few slides so can see just how tight it was! 

About the New Machine

Ritherdon has chosen the Bystronic Xpert Pro 100/3100 according to our manufacturing and production needs:

  • We’ve chosen the 3100 model – for its maximum bending length of 3100 mm. Perfect for bending panels like those for PS300 cabinets with a height of 2100mm.
  • Extended version to be able to adapt the machine further.
  • Dynamic Edition for faster processing speeds. Max. High speed – 230mm/s.
  • The throat depth of this machine will allow us to bend our larger enclosures, like the RMC cabinets and the PS/TBS300 kiosks, which are very popular choice for EV charging and utilities applications.
  • A new machine has higher energy efficiencies and helps us in company goals to reduce our environmental impact.

The new machine will sit alongside another press brake acquired only a couple of years ago. The investment is a testament to the continued growth we’ve experienced as company and continue to work towards. 

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