Case Study - FireSeal Fire Rated Access Panels

Refurbishment of Hodgson Court, Northwick Park Village, Harrow, Greater London.

Diamond Fire Safety Services, part of Diamond Build Group.
Operations Director, Lenny Feliha, HNC, Exova Warrington & FIRAS accredited.

FireSeal, Fire Rated Access Panels.

Residential block of flats providing affordable housing for key workers.

Next to Northwick Park Hospital, Hodgson court is made up of 5 blocks of medium-rise, residential flats.

Each block is four stories high, with two fire exits, a lift, and a staircase each.

Fire protected riser cupboard, complete with FireSeal for easy access to services
One of the completed riser cupboards now fire protected using a made to measure FireSeal.

What was the issue?

The old riser cupboards in the communal corridor of this medium-rise block of flats were not fire protected. The riser cupboards needed to be fire protected. The issue with service risers is that they break the compartmentation between floors and may allow fire and smoke to spread through the building in the event of a fire.

What was the solution?

The riser cupboard was removed and to reinstate fire integrity a bespoke composite partition fire wall was built with a suitable fire tested door for access.

Process of Fire Protecting the Riser Cupboards:

Existing riser cupboards were not fire protected.
Riser cupboard removed and timber stud framed added.
Fire batt installed with all gaps sealed with fire mastic.
Fire protection board laid on top with aperture for Ritherdon FireSeal.
FireSeal Fitted
FireSeal unit fixed with cups and screws provided. All gaps sealed with intumescent mastic.
FireSeal installed. Fire integrity and protection restored.

Conclusions –

There was a need to fire protect the cupboards whilst also allowing easy access to the services.

The composite partition was built using timber stud, fire board, fire batt, and fire mastic where needed. To provide access to the services a made-to-measure FireSeal door was used to close the aperture and provide fire resistance.

What the customer says?

“We have constructed a bespoke insulated system. A fire protection solution to allow easy access to services.

We looked at various products to form an easy access door, which must have a good fire rating, and after a thorough investigation into various products, we concluded that out of all the products, the Ritherdon FireSeal was our preferred and best option due to its ease of use and the made-to-measure size and most importantly, it has been fire tested extensively.

Our installation of the FireSeal door was installed in accordance with all legislative requirements when it comes to fire regulations.

The FireSeal unit is built on a bespoke insulated system and a range of fire stopping works, all of which are approved by manufacturers. Making sure all the surroundings of the compartment, built with fire approved material, is fire and smoke sealed”

– Lenny Feliha, Operations Director, Diamond Fire Safety Services.

The FireSeal Fire Rated Access Panel is tested to the method specified in EN1363 and EN1366. Full reports available at Ritherdon Technical Information.

The Ritherdon FireSeal panel has been tested in various sizes with front and rear facing tests. In accordance with the test, all products within the following size range will comply with aforementioned standards: Minimum 283 mm height x 201 mm width x 32 mm depth and Maximum 1500 mm height x 1000 mm width x 152 mm depth.

More of the Completed FireSeal Installs:

Need help with a similar project?

The Ritherdon FireSeal can help fire protect riser cupboards, meter boxes, fuse boxes and even apertures. Tell us more about what you need to cover and fire protect.

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