More fire product development at Ritherdon


The R22 FireSeal samples – quite happy at 90 minutes.

The Ritherdon range of passive fire protection products is growing with more testing at BM Trada – High Wycombe yesterday.  We tested different sizes of the original FireSeal and, our latest fire rated product, the R22 FireSeal.  The R22 FireSeal can now be used to cover surface-mounted gas meter boxes identified as concerns in fire risk assessments (e.g. to protect stairwells, escape routes etc).

Different fixing methods for the R22 FireSeal were tested and this new fire rated product also needed to accommodate pipe entries for the supply to the gas meter.  Two methods of creating a fireproof seal around the gas pipe were tested with the boxes.  Once the test data have been analysed and the report was written, we will have a fire rated solution for surface mounted gas meter boxes to add to the Ritherdon passive fire protection products.

Many thanks to Adam and the guys at BM Trada who looked after us again down at Chiltern.

Update: We tested more sizes of our FireSeal, both front and rear facing which now allow us to manufacture 60 minute fire protection FireSeals withing a larger range with the maximum dimensions of 1500h x 1000w x 152d.

As summarised briefly in the report: “the FireSeal is capable of maintaining integrity when installing opening either way from or toward the fire risk side and within a timber stud partition, for a minimum of 60 minutes when tested following the principles of BSEN 1366-3: 2009 and BSEN 1363-1: 2012 between the sizes tested. Reference Chiltern International Fire Report No. CRILT/A13016.  Find the report under our Technical Information.

R22 FireSeal was also tested and is now available. It is designed with adaptable pipe entry points and is fitted with intumescent seals around the door.

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