Hinged Door Feeder Pillars – RH Pillars

External Electrical Enclosures - RB Range

The door on the Ritherdon feeder pillars are flush with the body of the pillar and attached with a strong stainless steel hinge and has a watertight neoprene gasket.

The unit is designed and manufactured to withstand moderate forced entry. To ensure a long service life the feeder pillars are manufactured from 2 mm thick stainless steel with a powder coated finish. The standard price covers painting in one of our standard range of colours.

All RH pillars are supplied with a 12mm thick ply-wood backboard for fitting electrical equipment

Features and Benefits

    • Stainless steel feeder pillars or service pillars (300 to 500 mm wide) with a hinge, as opposed to lift-off doors, plus integral root.
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Access for cable ducting is provided through the lower front section of the pillar or the root. A length of wire provides earth bonding of the door to the body using M6 studs complete with nuts and washers. 

All feeder pillars are supplied with a full-width, external-grade plywood backboard for the fitting of electrical termination equipment. We are also able to supply and assemble any internal electrical equipment that may be required.

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Hinged Pillar SizeOverall Dimensions
(Height x Width x Depth)
(Width x Height)
RH3001060mm x 300mm x 170mm280mm x 580mm
RH4001060mm x 400mm x 170mm380mm x 580mm
RH5001060mm x 500mm x 170mm

480mm x 580mm

Alternative Sizes

As we manufacture our own stainless steel enclosures ourselves, we can adapt our feeder pillar designs to the dimensions you need.  Please give us a ring or drop us a line if you want to discuss custom sizes.


ColoursBlack, dark green, light grey, dark grey or a natural finish only available in 304 grade of stainless steel.A range of colours and finishes, including graffiti-resistant. Price upon request.
LocksTri-key cam-lockKey operated—Stainless Steel Camlock
ElectricalPlywood backboard plus earth bonding of doorPre-wiring service available.

Black: RAL 9005 Gloss Black
Dark Green: BS 4800 14 C40 Gloss Green
Light Grey: BS 381 C 631 Light Grey Gloss
Dark Grey: BS 381 C 632 Dark Grey Gloss

Natural Stainless Steel Finish (Available in 304 and 316 grade of stainless steel)

The Ritherdon Feeder Pillar Range

We believe that the Ritherdon feeder pillar range was the first totally stainless steel, standard range of electrical enclosures supplied to the UK highways industry. They are now certainly the most commonly-seen stainless feeder pillars on the streets around the UK (or maybe we just don’t notice the others!). See some of the ways Ritherdon pillars have been used by TfL in London.

It was our focus on manufacturing the best quality products that led us to decide not to bother making galvanised enclosures when we could make better, more cost-effective ones out of stainless steel.


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