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ian-from-siemens-and-ct-chamber-production-lineAs one of our customers, Siemens are visiting the factory today. They have been looking at how we make the CT Chamber that they use and how we can work together to find new solutions to their needs.

We are flexible in our offering as we can design and develop in our factory right here in Darwen. Ritherdon have experience in industrial electricity supply and design knowledge on electrical enclosures. Together with Siemen’s know-how, we’ll have a winning combination.

ct-chamber-back-board-inspectionAs well as seeing how we make the CT Chamber, Siemens will also be focusing on one of our newest products, the Temporary Supply Cabinet. The cabinet is a durable solution to provide a protective enclosure for temporary electricity supply to building sites.

Siemens is a world leading engineering and manufacturing firm with 170 years of history in the UK. Their expertise lies in electrification, automation, and digitalisation.  It is a pleasure for us to be able to count with their expertise.

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