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Building on customer feedback we received regarding seeing our cabinets in useful context we thought we would bring you this blog post featuring product installations.

Special thanks to our customers for providing these great photos. We hope you find it useful.

RMC Cabinet at EV Charging Point

RMC1250 Installation at Westgate Retail Park part of Osprey Charging Network

We didn’t really have any RMC cabinet installation photos in our repertoire – despite these popping up across the UK next to an EV charging station near you. Many thanks to Osprey Charging Network for coming to the rescue!

Here’s an RMC double door cabinet in black. This specific cabinet is an RMC1250 size, its actually the smallest of the range that includes 1600 and 2100 widths available too. Its a single compartment cabinet with doors that open outwards (like a wardrobe). It features a wide backboard to fit all the electrical equipment needed to power, meter, and monitor, the Osprey EV charger nearby. The cabinet provides ample space, meaning some spare room can be left for future-proofing. 

Made from stainless steel and powder coated for added durability and a smart look, the RMC cabinets are helping power the EV revolution. You’ll find this charging point (150kW) at Westgate Retail Park, Slough, part of the Osprey Charging Network.

R Pillar at Hybrid PV Solar and Battery Farm

R460 Feeder Pillar Customer Installation by Downton Electrical

This R pillar was used to house the power supply connection (80A) for this ABB EV charging station (Terra box 24kW DC). All connection works and installation done by the experts at Downtown Electrical.

It might be small, but you’d be surprised at all that this pillar can hold! This charger is being fed by the solar panels in the background and due to the a lot of underground cabling, a traditional earthing rod wasn’t an option. Downtown Electrical opted to use a Matt:e device and housed it inside the R460 pillar along with the metering for the charging point as well.

The ABB charger is being fed by the GridServe Sustainable Energy hybrid solar and battery farm in the background, on the outskirts of Yorkshire.

Permanent Supply PS60 at Liverpool Docks

PS60 Cabinet installed by Ameon

Ameon trusted us with this new connection required for their end customer. They needed to house a permanent supply and they opted for the PS60 cabinet. The cabinet had to have two individual compartments, and this fitted the specifications for the job.

To fit the surroundings nicely, the PS60 was powder coated in Light Grey (part of our standard colours and comes at no extra cost). You might be used to seeing the PS60 Cabinet in Dark Green, as it is a very versatile colour, and we tend to keep it in stock. However, we have our paint shop, and you can choose the right colour for the job, just like Ameon did on this occasion. They also opted to use a plinth, which peaks slightly above ground, so it’s important it’s also painted in the matching light grey. We think it really suited the location and the installation turned out very neat and tidy.

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