Powder Coated Enclosures – Colourful Enclosures

Our powder coated cabinets and feeder pillars are manufactured out of 4003 grade of stainless steel. To provide extra protection from corrosion, we apply powder coating and provide 4 different paint colours – dark green, black, light grey and dark grey- at no extra charge. Albeit our typical, standard colours which sometimes can be a bit dull. If we do say so ourselves!

Every now and again, our customers ask for different colours to match other existing enclosures already installed or simply to meet their client’s requirements. Of course, we are happy to oblige!

Our enclosures come in all sorts of varieties: our cabinets, feeder pillars and our FireSeal doors and frames, fire rated access panels for meter boxes. We thought we’d share some of the most recent colourful enclosures that have left our Darwen factory.



We understand that just saying that all our meter boxes come white is as good as not providing any information at all.  To be precise, the colour is Satin White in a RAL 9010. All our new meter boxes, our repair units and our FireSeal products come in this paint colour as standard. Our floor mounted gas meter repair range are powder coated in Gloss Brown, RAL 8007.

For your information, all Ritherdon meter box Repair Units and FireSeal Products are Satin White as standard, apart from our Floor Mounted R24 Gas Meter Repair Range which is Gloss Brown.


Update – We have added red as part of our standard colours. This is used to powder coat the TBS60 and TBS300 enclosures. It is a bright red hue, aptly named Traffic Red, RAL 3020. The TBS6o/TBS300 is powder coated red to denote temporary status on the electricity connection.

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