FireSeal, Fire Rated Access Panel made to measure passive fire protection
Passive Fire Protection

Off the Shelf FireSeal

Ritherdon developed and tested the FireSeal back in 2012.  Since then we’ve supplied quite a few made to measure FireSeals of various sizes. The FireSeal reinstates acceptable fire protection for old meter boxes – and other boxes, such as junction boxes, or apertures that may need to be covered. Here’s an example where an old meter

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Fire Testing at Ritherdon 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018
Company News

Fire Test Report Review FireSeal and Fire Rated R5 Meter Box

Ritherdon has requested a review of the Fire Test Report for the FireSeal and the Fire Rated R5 Meter box. The first testing since the design for the FireSeal was started back in November 2012. This test also included re-testing of the Fire Rated R5 Meter Box. In fact, the first fire testing was done in 1979

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Customer Installation RB Cabinet RB800 1400 H 300D
Case Studies

Showcase of Customer Installations

We’ve rounded up products photos that our customers have kindly shared with us. What better way to see our products than after they have been installed and in use by our customers? Single Door RB Cabinet Side by Side in Dark Green We especially like the before and after photos from this upgrade. The older

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Smoke Test Report for FireSeal Fire Rated Access Panels

The FireSeal Fire Rated Access Panels have been Smoke Tested to BS EN 1634-3:2004 – Fire resistance and smoke control tests for door and shutter assemblies, openable windows and elements of building hardware. Testing was carried out by Exova BM-Trada, High Wycombe. The Smoke Test Two units were tested, a smaller unit 800 x 500 x 152

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