Temporary Builders Supply Kiosk is a Bright New Addition – TBS60

Our customers are our biggest inspiration for new products. Together we co-developed an alternative to the traditional brick-built kiosks to provide a temporary builders supply to construction sites.

The Temporary Builders Supply Kiosk or TBS Cabinet comes with two doors, providing independent work areas, one available for the power network to fit the necessary electricity meters and another separate side for the electrical equipment you may require.

The new enclosure is built to last and can be brought onto a site and easily installed to provide a quick solution for a temporary power supply. The biggest benefit to this cabinet is that, once site work is completed, the cabinet can be easily removed and used again to provide the power supply to a new site, all over again. All our enclosures are made of stainless steel and come with a 25-year guarantee. Contact us for more information.

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