Atlas Retention Socket Rated as Class B125

Following customer requests, we commissioned some loading tests for our Atlas retention sockets according to BSEN 124-2:  2015.  Although they are not manhole covers or gully tops and they usually have a pole installed in them, retention sockets are often left with just their cover plate on and they should, therefore, be safe for the area they have been installed in.  That is typically the pavement or sidewalk area and covers used in these spaces should be rated as Class B125.

Atlas Cover Plate next to manhole cover

HORIBA MIRA built an impressive rig, designed a method that conformed to the BSEN 124 standard test for Class B125 equipment and tested a 76 mm and a 168 mm Atlas to cover the standard range of retention sockets.  For the tests, the sockets were installed into concrete blocks, with the top 75 mm of socket left unsupported and with their standard cover plates fitted.

Atlas Testing Rig Setup at HORIBA MIRA

It was an impressive set-up and a well-designed test by HORIBA MIRA but the results were very unexciting – virtually nothing happened.  The results are summarised in the table below.

Retention socketPermanent setDeflection under load
76mm0.19 mm (50 kN)0.769 mm (25 kN)
168 mm0.28 mm (56 kN)0.513 mm (28 kN)


Thanks to Stephen and Eddie at HORIBA MIRA for helping us interpret the BSEN 124-2 standard and for an interesting visit to their laboratory to see the testing.

If you want any more information on the testing or on our Atlas retention socket range, please get in touch.


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