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Electrical cabinet powering Ecotricity EV charging pointsWe love hearing about the different uses of our external enclosures and thought you’d like to know as well. Some of them are quite exciting.

We’ve seen our electrical cabinets whilst on the road quietly supporting Ecotricity electronic pumps for charging your car.  We also sighted this cabinet in beautiful Scotland which houses meteorological equipment for Finnish company, Vaisala.

Some of our cabinets have more exciting purposes like keeping the necessary equipment for running the Isle of Man Classic TT race during the summer. The equipment in the cabinets relays bike information back to Race Control.

During  this summer we snapped a photo of one of our RB800 cabinet at Bungalow Bridge on the Snaefell Mountain Course.

Our cabinets headed to hair and makeup and were made to look scuffed and distressed to show wear and tear. All for the purpose of movie magic. Until this summer, we’ve never heard of our cabinets being used as movie props before.

The cabinets will be starring alongside Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman in upcoming submarine thriller ‘Hunter Killer’.  With a star-studded cast like that, we’re sure the movie will be a blockbuster.

Ritherdon electrical cabinets used as movie propsRB800 electrical cabinet at Bungalow Bridge for the Classic TT, Isle of ManRitherdon cabinet housing Vaisala meteorological equipment in Scotland

What you do you use Ritherdon electrical cabinets for?

We’d love to hear about your application, please drop me a line and I will feature your application in our next Ritherdon news post.


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