Our biggest customers in the field of industrial metering and steel meter boxes are the major distribution network operators (DNOs) and their contractors.  Ritherdon has manufactured electrical enclosures and metering panels for this industry for many years. Ritherdon is uniquely placed to understand the requirements of DNOs and thus can help electrical contractors, IDNOs and ICPs so that sites can be energised as soon as possible.

The Ritherdon range of electrical enclosures has been developed to meet the requirements of DNO’s.  Here are a few examples of applications for the electricity distribution industry:

From a variety of price points

Power Supply Enclosures (PS60, PS300 & TBS60, TBS300)

RMC Enclosures (1250, 1600, 2100mm widths)

RB Cabinets (single and double door, 460-1550mm widths, IP24/46)

R Pillars (3 sizes, integral root, IP35)

RH Pillars (3 sizes, integral root, IP46)

Made from stainless steel

Quality, durable enclosures with a 25-year guarantee

Safer – less vulnerable to vehicle impact

Domestic power supply

We can recommend the R460, RH500 or the RB460.  These feeder pillars have a good size for the standard domestic metering equipment required for a new power supply. Domestic supplies are typically under 300 kVA. Depending on equipment being used, you can opt for R pillars, RH pillars and the more spacious RB Cabinet range with 6 sizes available.

You can also opt for a permanent supply enclosure or PS60. If there is a need to separate the DNO equipment from the consumer’s equipment, the PS60 has segregated compartments within one cabinet, with independently lockable doors.

Industrial power supply

Temporary Builders Supply Connections or TBS

Temporary builders supply are connections that are made to power a construction site and are by nature temporary. Temporary connections may require different earthing. Please bear in mind the equipment used and if your DNO is happy using a metal enclosure to house the temporary supply. Always check with your DNO or your connection provider to ensure that you meet their requirements as they are responsible for the connection to the network.

Permanent Supply or PS

A Permanent Supply Kiosk is designed to move the equipment associated with a building’s electricity supply outside the property.  This equipment typically includes the Distribution Network Operator’s (DNO’s) “service head” or cut out and, for larger supplies, a chamber for a CT metered supplies.  The Permanent Supply Kiosk has a separate compartment for this and another compartment for the user’s equipment (e.g. the meter(s), the distribution board etc).

The advantages of housing the electricity supply outside a property may be to save space that can be used more profitably.  The supply enclosure can also be installed right on the boundary of the property (curtilage), meaning less installation work for the DNO and therefore less cost for the property owner.

Expertise in Supplying Power Companies and DNOs, IDNOs and ICPS

During the company’s long history, Ritherdon has dealt with DNOs when they were still known as regional electric companies. Before deregulation of connections (contestable/non-contestable works) the regional electric companies would supply meter boxes and other enclosures for new supplies to customers. We developed the range of meter box repair door and frames with Electricity Northwest (ENW) in the late 1970s (when it was known as Norweb) and we continue to supply and develop products with ENW and other DNOs to this day.

We continued our relationship with DNOs and have co-developed industrial panels alongside them such as the Ritherdon CT Chamber with UKPN and continue to supply ENW with CT metering panels (MOD156 panels) to this day.

Since the introduction of competition in connections, we now also supply Independent Connection Providers (IDNOs) and Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) carrying out contestable works for domestic and industrial premises.


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