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EV Charging Enclosures

Find all the enclosures to power EV charging points
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FireSeal Units

Meter box door and frame designed to
upgrade the fire resistance of meter boxes

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Ritherdon Products

Ritherdon manufacture and supply a range of products including electrical enclosures, passive fire protection, meter boxes and repair door and frames

Over 125 Years of Clever Metalwork

Replace GRP Meter Boxes Without Mains Disconnection

Ritherdon Meter Boxes protect against harsh environments and can be retrofitted to replace damaged GRP Meter Boxes.

Providing Lighting Without a Light Pole

Continuing our A to Z of Ritherdon with Lighting Control Boxes, learn more about how our Lightbox provides lighting…

Keeping Your Enclosure Safe

Keeping our enclosures secure is one of our highest priorities. Read our blog to see the different keys/locks we…

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