Fire Rated R5 Meter Box

New Steel Meter Box - Suitable for New Builds

Fire Rated Meter Box – Passive Fire Protection for Meter Boxes

This passive fire protection R5 meter box has a very similar design to the standard R5.  The main differences are that it has a high-temperature lock and a fire resistant back-board fitted.  The size options are identical to the standard:

The fire resistance test method followed that specified in BSEN1363 and BSEN1366.  The assessment report can be found here.  In the report, the R5s are referred to as samples B and D and the results are summarised in section 4.2 on page 6.

Fire Rated R5 – Standard Semi-recessed Meter Cupboard

Size Overall Dimensions
(Height x Width x Depth)
Wall Opening
(Height x Width x Depth)
Small 582 x 415 x 180 530 x 360 x 130 9.0 kg
Medium 657 x 470 x 180 605 x 415 x 130 10 kg
Large 732 x 555 x 180 680 x 500 x 130 13 kg